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Paper Manufacturers 

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1. Paper Expert, The
Resource for high volume end users of print and paper.

2. Ameri-Fax Corp
Manufacturer of fax paper and thermal paper rolls.

3. Primatel Products
Manufactures and sells a variety of paper products, including till, fax, and credit card rolls.

4. FaxBond
Premium fax paper and supplies.

5. U-Grade Paper Products Pte Ltd
Offers personal and business stationery, forms, paper, and labels.

6. Paper Conversions Inc. (PCI)
Custom manufacturer of note pads, self stick notes, note cubes, and coupon pads for the promotional, ad specialty, stationery, and office products markets.

7. Nationwide Paper Traders
Supplies janitorial cleaning products, including paper towels, toilet tissue, and refuse sacks.

8. Impreso, Inc.
Manufacturer of stock computer paper, facsimile roll paper, laser/copy paper, and ink-jet paper.

9. Paper Systems Inc. (PSI)
Precision paper roll converters manufacturing a comprehensive line of products for business and industry.

10. Olmsted-Kirk Paper Company
Offers a variety of paper including paper for industrial and sanitary use.
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